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New video coming out around October!

I know October is kinda far away, but I just got an idea. The video is based on a school project, but not exactly. I want it to turn out like a sort of documentary. It’s gonna take time though. I’m sorry I couldn’t stream yesterday or the day before, but I’ll stream this weekend. Thanks!

Behind the Scenes

Sneak Peek 1: The Hunt for the AE86

Yeah. Here’s the link :


So I’m getting a sim racing rig…

I already have the wheel (G29) and the shifter. I still really need to decide if I get a stand and seat all-in-one package, or if a specific stand and seat. Comment below some suggestions!

(Update after 3 months holy frick): Have the wheel, no shifter. Looking at my options, looks like I have to save up for the 6-speed Logitech shifter. There aren’t any cheap 7-speed shifters for the g29 that I can afford so…). I’ve also decided to just (maybe) get a stand. It’s a maybe because there is not much space and it would obstruct me playing certain games on keyboard and mouse and my view. I would also have to save up for a chair because I’m using a dining chair that I have to return to the table every meal. I would like to get a stand because the desk mounting solution takes up precious space and is not stiff enough to my standards. A new chair would also help with posture and be more stable under braking.